The Veneration Team

2013 Board Recruitment: We are currently recruiting for two new Board Members with backgrounds in real estate and affordable housing, a passion for social and economic justice for older adults, and a strong connection to Brooklyn. Interested in joining us? Contact us here

Adina Saperstein, Co-Founder & Director

Adina is a business development consultant and aspiring social entrepreneur. Since 1998 she has worked in twenty countries around the world, designing and implementing economic development projects including specialty foods in Lebanon, women’s micro-enterprise development in Afghanistan, regional trade integration West and Southern Africa, and co-existence training in a Palestinian village. When she became an informal caregiver for her mom in her twenties, she saw the staggering economic implications for adult children who find themselves compromising careers and relationships as they divert energy and financial resources to provide care and navigate the system for aging parents. She saw how the lack of a safety net for the aging compromises intergenerational social capital, and set out to use her training to find solutions. She thanks her many teachers for their wisdom, guidance and support.

Sara Saperstein-Frug, Co-Founder & Board Member

Sara is a law and technology specialist who oversees web development and editorial projects for the Cornell University Legal Information Institute, an open-access law web site that reaches over 80,000 readers per day.  Sara saw the injustice of a system in which the information needed to navigate a basic human transition was overwhelmingly inaccessible and untransparent.  Sara advises on information management, knowledge sharing and technology.

Barbara K. Spring, Board Member

Barbara Spring, Ph.D. is a specialist in gerontology, with over twenty years dedicated to expanding and deepening the field of aging.  She is the co-founder and coordinator of Aging Resources Consultation and Help (ARCH), an initiative that provides comprehensive aging services to the  Quaker Community in the Northeast United States.  She holds a Ph.D. in Gerontology, with research focusing on social support networks that emerge in Senior Housing facilities, as well as holding an M.S. in Education Psychology.   Barbara has worked extensively on End of Life and Caregiving initiatives, and has a long track record of successful fundraising. Barbara advises Veneration on the field of aging.

Elana Haviv, Board Member

Elana Haviv is an education and human rights specialist with over fifteen years experience designing and delivering innovative, multi-disciplinary educational and training of trainer curricula. She is the founder and Executive Director of the Children’s Movement for Creative Education (CMCE). CMCE guides youth to understand and process the effects of profound world events – those that challenge through violence and injustice as well as those that inspire through commonality and the pursuit of truth – via academic, experiential, and art-based curricula.  Elana advises Veneration on intergenerational education and learning as well as non-profit development.

Ellen Weiss, Board Member

Ellen Weiss currently serves as Executive Editor at the Center for Public Integrity.  A leading media and communications specialist, Ellen brings 29 years of experience at National Public Radio, including twelve years as Executive Producer of All Things Considered and four years as Vice President for News.  She is known for launching and cultivating innovative news programs that engage intergenerational audiences in domestic and world affairs.  Ellen advises Veneration on communication, social media, and strategy.

Meghan Richards, Intern

Meghan Richards graduated in 2012 from Brooklyn College as a sociology major. She has been with Veneration from the beginning in the summer of 2011. She decided to be a part of Veneration due to seeing her mom and her friends deal with their aging parents. Through interning at the Veneration Project and the Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation in Brooklyn, she has gained a greater respect for senior citizens and an understanding of the aging service network.

Yana Feldman, Elder Law Specialist

Yana Feldman has been practicing in the field of Elder Law, Special Needs Law and Estate Planning since graduating from Tulane Law School in 2002. Her undergraduate degree in cultural anthropology at the University of Chicago combined with her own experience of growing up with her grandmother in the home who lived with dementia for many years have contributed to a goal of assisting elders to remain in the community as long as possible with the appropriate level of support.

While part of her practice consists of Estate Planning and Administration, Yana has worked extensively with Article 81 Guardianships as a Court Appointed Evaluator, Counsel to an Allegedly Incapacitated Person, and Guardian, as well as representing family members and friends petitioning the court for a guardian to be appointed. She has assisted families in planning for long term care needs, including “Medicaid planning” and applications for Medicaid applications and other governmental benefits such as SSI and SSDI. She has also worked with special needs children and adults and their family members.